November 8, 2019 1:45 PM


Following the recent establishment of a process related to tenant contents and a better level of resident engagement in the program, we are making good progress towards completing the in-suite construction work necessary prior to re-occupancy.   We have completed the large and difficult process of rebuilding the mechanical and electrical systems and are now in the final stages of the outstanding cosmetic work required (including paint, tile and carpeting).

Most of our onsite construction trailers have been removed from the site, our exterior work is completed, and we would hope you would agree that from the outside, 650 is once again starting to look like home.

This week management and members of our construction team met officials from the City of Toronto to review the current status of work and the outstanding matters still to be completed.  We discussed with them the necessary steps required to obtaining a re-occupancy permit, and a plan is in place to work with various City officials and departments to expedite the steps required before you’re permitted to return home. 

Toronto City officials have given us every confidence that they will provide the resources to allow us to secure the necessary approvals and permits required, as soon as possible.

With the City, we also began discussions about the protocols that will need to be put in place to ensure a safe and orderly re-occupancy of the building in the coming months.  While we have had ongoing dialogue and site visits with Toronto Building officials throughout the re-construction, there is still work to be done before final permits can be issued, and we will continue to meet regularly on site with city staff.

Clearly, we are getting closer, and hope to announce re-occupancy details early in the New Year. 

Note that the eventual re-occupancy of the building will be a complex procedure.  In order to ensure a speedy, yet safe and orderly return home, we will continue working with the City of Toronto on a protocol that meets the needs of all involved.  This will be communicated to residents as early as possible, but only when we have full confidence in our timelines.

Thank you.

October 30, 2019 2:00 PM


Click link below to read the latest update.


October 25, 2019 11:00 PM

Replacement Furniture Offer

In order to facilitate your move back home, and in light of the challenges tenants will face if they choose to have all of their furniture disposed of for safety reasons, the landlords have negotiated a deal with GH Johnson Furniture to provide you with a new, complete furniture suite if you choose to dispose of all of your furniture. 

This offer is only available as a complete replacement. It is not possible to dispose of only some furniture to have certain items replaced. It is available only to tenants who will have no furniture remaining after choosing to dispose of it all for health and safety reasons. 

In order to take advantage of the furniture offer, please advise the ARS personnel at your viewing appointment that you wish to do so, and they will walk you through which furniture will be disposed of to ensure there are no misunderstandings before you make your final decision. 

Here’s how it works:

2 BR TENANTS can pick two of the bedroom sets (there are black or brown options on the first two pages, as you’ll see).

1 BR TENANTS can pick one of the two bedroom sets.

BACHELOR TENANTS can only get the Bachelor set (i.e., a double bed, nightstand and chest) and not a bedroom set.  There are no colour options for bachelor units – just what’s pictured.

ALL TENANTS get the living room, dining room and kitchen sets.  You’ll see that the kitchen sets have coloured chairs --- tenants can pick any of those three colours or any combination for their four chairs.  The dining room and living room sets only come in the black, as pictured.

August 14, 2019 1:00 PM

650 Parliament Update

Meaningful and significant progress towards the reconstruction of 650 Parliament and the ultimate return of our residents continue to be made.

Estimates from our restoration teams suggest that at the end of last month, approximately 64% of the work has been completed.  The recently announced plan to relocate suite contents will further expedite remaining work, allowing our residents to return home earlier than would otherwise have been the case.

A recent review of construction efforts to date show that approximately $50- $60 million has been spent on the restoration of the building; our construction teams have spent more than 232,000 hours on the job, and daily site activity (on average) includes approximately 171 workers (with a single day high of 246).

A lengthy list of trades, consultants and professionals have been involved in the building’s restoration, from framers, drywallers, and electricians, to millworkers, tilers and electrical and structural engineers.

Given our progress and based on feedback from our reconstruction teams, we are hoping to begin re-occupancies later this fall.  However, this date could change due to a variety of unforeseen issues. We will commit to provide a more accurate re-occupancy schedule as we get closer to the end of the current process.

In the meantime, as of now, we anticipate no changes to the existing Tenant Assistance program.

As always, updates and information will be provided by the Response Centre team and we encourage residents to check in often with staff, as well as continue to check our social media channels.

July 29, 2019 1:45 PM

Civic Holiday

The 650 Response Office will be closed on Monday August 5th for the Civic Holiday.

July 25, 2019 6:00 PM

Below is the Notice of Relocation Plan which contains important details for everyone requiring access to their unit contents.  Please note that the relocation of unit contents for floors 19-23 (penthouse) will be beginning this Saturday evening, July 27 at 6:00 PM.

Notice of Relocation Plan (PDF)


July 10, 2019 12:30

Fire at 650 Parliament earlier today

We can confirm reports of a fire at 650 Parliament earlier today. Toronto Fire responded quickly, and the fire was quickly contained and extinguished. We have been told by Toronto Fire that the incident is now being investigated and we await further information from City officials. 

While the official investigation continues, our construction team are also assessing the scope of today’s incident. 

At this time, we have no reason to believe that our ongoing repairs to he building, or anticipated timelines for re occupancy will be affected by today’s incident.

As always, should residents of 650 Parliament have further questions about the building’s status, they are encouraged to contact the Response Centre.

Finally, we wish to express our appreciation to the emergency responders who quickly attended the building today for their skill, professionalism and care.

June 14, 2019 2:30 PM

650 Parliament Update

Earlier today a hearing was held before Justice Belobaba to review the request to relocate tenants’ contents to a secure facility under 650 Parliament. 

The request to relocate suite contents is necessary to facilitate the reconstruction process.  Failure to do so will delay the repairs and will potentially cause damage to contents left in apartments during construction.

Today’s hearing was attended by lawyers representing the owners and the tenants.  Approximately 25 residents of 650 Parliament were also present in the Court. 

The Judge offered everyone an opportunity to speak, and counsel offered answers to the questions posed both by tenants and the Judge. 

Justice Belobaba indicated a willingness to have those items moved to a safe, clean and secure area under 650 Parliament, and the lawyers are now working out the details of the order.

It is expected that these matters will be completed by Wednesday June 19th, when we anticipate an order will be issued by the Court.

Once issued, we will update tenants through our existing social media channels, and through the 650 Parliament Response Centre.

Thank you.
WPSQ Management

June 12, 2019 11:30 AM

Exhibits to Nathan Normoyle's cross-examination

The 3 exhibits to Nathan Normoyle`s cross-examination, held June 11, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. are available from the links below.

Note: Transcript added at 11:28 am

June 10, 2019 1:45 PM

Notice of Examination


There will be a cross examination of Nathan Normoyle, the Vice President of Access Restoration Services, who has sworn affidavits in support of the motion to relocate the contents from the apartments to the storage area prepared in the basement garage of 650 Parliament Street.

The examination has been requested by Ted Charney, lawyer for some of the tenants. It will take place at the offices of Victory Verbatim located at 222 Bay Street Suite 900 Toronto, tomorrow June 11th, beginning at 2pm. 

Tenants wishing to attend are able to do so. Because of the limited space available in these facilities, tenants should advise in advance if they intend to attend the examination. If tenants wish to ask questions to Mr. Normoyle, it would be helpful if they would provide questions in advance so we can get through the examination tomorrow afternoon. 

The questions should be sent to the Response Centre at 650parliament1@gmail.comor to Mr. Charney by email at


650 Parliament Response Office 

June 7, 2019 7:00 PM

June 14th Motion to relocate contents at 650 Parliament St.

Attached are photographs of the storage area in the garage below 650 Parliament Street where it is proposed to relocate the contents from the apartments at 650. The only request to the Judge on June 14th is to relocate the contents from the apartments to the storage area indicated. The other matters set out in the notice of motion which has been served on you and listed on the website will be dealt with by the Judge in the future. The only request to the court is to allow the contents to be moved to speed up repairs to the building.

If anyone has any objection with respect to the foregoing, contact class counsel, Ted Charney at, or alternatively, send an email to the Response Centre which will circulate it to counsel and to the Judge. 


650 Parliament Response Office 

Video Tour

May 30, 2019 Noon

Additional Document

Attached is the final factum in addition to the notice of motion and affidavits of Nathan Normoyle and Doug Sartell.

Documents - Click to view/download

Other documents are in the posting just below.

May 23, 2019 6 PM

Re: Contents remaining in Apartments at 650 Parliament Street

Dear Tenant,

To facilitate the repairs to the building, the contractors require the contents of all apartments to be relocated to the basement parking garage for inspection by tenants pursuant to arrangements set out in the affidavits enclosed. The contents will be in a secure lit area in boxes and under surveillance of bonded security personnel.

The materials you are being provided are those which will be presented to Justice Belobaba, who is presiding in the proceedings on June 14th, 2019, at a time and in a Courtroom to be determined at either Osgoode Hall or at the 361 University Courthouse. The exact address will be provided when it has been determined by the Court.

Documents - Click to view/download


May 16, 2019 5 PM

650 Parliament Resident Update

Construction progress:

Repairs and reconstruction work continues and we are making good progress in addressing the damages from the fire to the building systems and common spaces.  Of course before we can begin considering re-occupancy there is repair work that has to occur from within tenant suites.

Tenant contents:

We hoped we could do the necessary work with tenants’ contents in place, but this has proven impossible.  We simply can not complete the building repairs efficiently with tenant content in place, and getting the work done and getting you back in as quickly as possible is our priority.

So, we are now considering the best way to remove and return your contents, and will turn to the courts (and work with tenant lawyers) for guidance.

A hearing before a judge to decide the content issue is now scheduled for mid-June.  Prior to that hearing, tenants will receive legal documents by mail and copies of all material will be posted to this website, so tenants can review management’s request.

To make sure this is done right, we are asking the court to establish a fair procedure to remove and return the contents to residents and approve a potential offer of compensation for items damaged in the fire.  Following the court’s ruling, tenants will be provided details of the process, and of course, are encouraged seek ongoing independent legal advice.

We’re sure this process will raise many questions with residents, but the answers will only be available after the June hearing and the court’s ruling.   

Resident Assistance Program:

Finally, given the unprecedented damage sustained by the building and the massive repair effort required, we can not confidently (or accurately) provide an expected re-occupancy date at this time, other than to note that re-occupancies wont’ likely occur until Fall 2019 at earliest. While our primary goal is to return tenants to 650 Parliament as soon as possible, we have been working hard to ensure that all 650 Parliament residents receive comparable local apartment accommodation in the interim.  

We are pleased that we have managed to house the majority of residents in local apartments, however a handful of dislocated residents are continuing to reside in hotel accommodations, in AirBNBs, or with family and friends.  These tenants should be aware that we are continuing our efforts to secure local apartment accommodations comparable to 650 Parliament for them, and should understand that once an apartment has been identified and a move-in date determined, failure to accept new apartment accommodation (or refusal to leave temporary housing) may result in the reduction or elimination of current assistance levels.

April 2, 2019 11 PM

Please call first

Due to the relocation of the Response Office to smaller premises, in order to keep tenants as comfortable as possible, with short wait times, we ask that you call in advance and book a time slot to meet with an intake worker. We appreciate your assistance and cooperation moving forward.

April 1, 2019 6:00 PM

The Response Office is Moving

As of April 2, 2019, the Response Office will be located at Unit 110 at 240 Wellesley St East (beside Hair salon).

The hours remain the same:

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday: Noon to 4 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

650 Parliament Help Line: 416–929–3532 x 9